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About Electrohomeopathy

What is Electrohomeopathy

Electrohomeopathy is the system of the natural medicines prepared from the plant extracts by which a healthy balanced is maintained and achieved throughout the whole human body.Electro homeopathy medical system was invented by Count Ceasre Mattie from Bologna, Italy in the year 1865.

Electro-Homeopathy works according to the belief that there are two vital fluids present in the human body; the lymph and the blood. Practitioners believe that any blockages in the lymph or blood cause disease. It is thought that Electro-Homeopathic medicines can regulate the lymph and blood.

Electrohomeopathy medicines are purely herb based medicines and 114 plants are used in the preparation of these complex medicines. The medicines are prepared by following the three major steps of spagyrism: purification, separation and cohobation.